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Information About General and Cosmetic Dentistry Services

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An annual dental exam involves a careful assessment of the mouth, teeth, gums, jawbone, and chewing muscles to help maintain optimal oral health.

Bi-annual cleanings are encouraged to remove any buildup of bacteria, plaque, and tartar to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues.

Dental sealants are thin coverings that are placed on top of the back teeth (molars) to provide extra protection against tooth decay and cavities.

When a cavity is removed from a tooth, a white or tooth-colored filling is placed to fill the hole and protect the area from further damage.

A root canal is a specialized procedure that removes bacteria and infected pulp within a damaged tooth to promote optimal healing and dental health.

Bad breath therapy is a treatment that helps reduce the unpleasant smell of poor breath for patients who have tried other options without success.

A tooth extraction is often performed on a single tooth that is beyond repair or on wisdom teeth that are compromising the health of the mouth.

Digitial x-rays provide Dr. Burr and our dental team with a comprehensive view of the inside of the mouth to better understand a patient's health.

3D oral imaging is a state-of-the-art process that creates a detailed anatomical view of the teeth and gums to see what areas need improvement.

Patients who suffer from jaw alignment issues can undergo a bite analysis to assess the malocclusion and underlying cause of their condition.

Dental bonding and contouring utilizes several techniques to alter and improve the shape, size, and color of the teeth for a heightened cosmetic.

Patients who need minimally invasive dental repairs are typically good candidates for porcelain veneers since they hide minor aesthetic issues.

Professional in-office teeth whitening and take-home bleach trays can brighten teeth by several shades for those with discolored or yellowish smiles.

Laser-assisted periodontal therapy utilizes specific energy wavelengths to target gingivitis and advanced stages of gum disease for better health.

Scaling and root planing targets the gums to remove bacteria, tartar, and plaque buildup for healthier gums and protection against gingivitis.

Merritt Island Center for Dentistry uses high-grade porcelain material to create custom-made dental crowns for single-tooth dental restoration.

Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically set into the jawbone to act as support for restorations such as dentures, crowns, and bridges.

Inlays and onlays can be made of porcelain or composite resin, and are used to make simple corrections to teeth that only require minor remodeling.

Merritt Island Center for Dentistry is pleased to offer both full and partial removable dentures to men and women who need dental renovation.

A dental bridge can be a fixed or removable device that is used to restore the look and function of a tooth that is severely damaged or decayed.

For patients who need extra support and security, full or partial implant-supported dentures are recommended to provide stable cosmetic and function.

Oral-conscious sedation is an anti-anxiety measure to help patients who are fearful of dental procedures to relax and be at ease during treatment.

Intravenous sedation is a great option for men and women who are overly anxious or who have an extreme gag reflex when undergoing oral care.

Our dental office offers custom-made mouth guards for expert protection during sports or nocturnal bruxism to shield the teeth from potential damage.

Invisalign are clear oral appliances that straighten the teeth while providing optimal cosmetic, comfort, and convenience to both teens and adults.

Conventional metal braces give patients the orthodontic correction they need while allowing them to express their personality with colored bands.

Recovery Time

Six Month Smiles are cutting-edge braces that utilize tooth-colored wires and clear brackets to properly correct the cosmetic of the frontmost teeth.

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